Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bake Sale 9/18 Coffman Ground Floor 10:30-4

Hey Everyone!
Stop by Coffman tomorrow for a U Students Like Good Food Bake Sale! Cookies, brownies, banana bread, muffins, croissants and more! Be sure to bring cash and tell your friends!
10:30-4pm on the ground floor of Coffman right across from the cafeteria!
(Vegan options are available)

Friday, September 12, 2014

September Bake Sale

  Bake sale!

When: 10:30-3:30 September 18, 2014
Where: Coffman Memorial Union Table #7
All proceeds benefit U Students Like Good Food! 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Mim's Cafe/Lori's Coffee House

Where can you go to eat on the Saint Paul campus, anyway? Let’s face it, the options are pretty limited. Luckily this little Middle Eastern restaurant/coffee shop combo has long been a mainstay for Saint Paul’s students, and rightfully so, as their food is both delicious and affordable. You won’t find anything fancy here, but they definitely know what they’re doing. Falafel isn’t meant to be upscale, anyway; it’s like vegan comfort food. The coffee shop half of the building, while a little odd and unpolished, has great prices, a large tea selection, and offers an alternative to the student center for taking a break or studying.

There's not a lot of info there, but they do have a website.

Mim's side
Lori's side

Top 5's:
1. Vegetarian/vegan options
2. Best for: grabbing lunch, studying, meeting a friend
3. Patio, weather permitting
4. Wifi!
5. Real cheap

Pizza Luce

Home to some of the most lauded and imaginative pizzas in the Twin Cities (you heard us, Mesa), and hosting such events as Dine Out for Life (donating a percent of their sales to AIDS research) and an annual Uptown block party featuring local music artists, Luce is a hip, tattooed heaven for young urban pizza-lovers. They also do deli- and parmigiana-style hoagies and pasta dishes, as well as offer a range of veggie and gluten-free options (including GF pizza crust!). With multiple locations throughout the Twin Cities metro area, mashed potato pizza should never be more than a short ride or phone call away.

Website: Pizza Luce

Top 5 tips:
1. Pizza, hoagies & pasta
2. Best for: date night, dinner with friends

3. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free friendly
4. Four locations in the Twin Cities
5. Free delivery

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Namaste Cafe

I know there are a lot of Thai and Indian choices in Minneapolis but this restaurant is definitely the most
student friendly.  The staff will treat you like Indian royalty and the colorful environment will align all of your chakras.  If you don't mind spice the chole burn a hole in your mouth.  Cool yourself down with a chai tea, supposedly the best in the city, and sit back and enjoy the cars go by on Hennepin Avenue.  Stuffing your face with delicious paratha is always an option to (flavors like garlic, aloo, plain and spinach) or some roti!  Dishes are made with the best organic, local and least processed foods out there so bring your yoga group here for lunch or a date for dinner and you won't be sorry.

Namaste Cafe

Birchwood Cafe

Nestled in the middle of quiet, leafy Seward neighborhood, the Birchwood Café has been bringing seasonal, local-whenever-possible, organic fare to residents of Seward for decades. An eatery with a cause, the community-minded Birchwood truly lives up to their motto “good real food.” A cozy spot for brunch, dinner, or coffee if you’re feeling the need to stray off the beaten path a bit. Their menu is always fresh and rotating, and they have 
something for every diet from the omnivorous to meat/dairy/gluten-free. 

Website: Birchwood Cafe

Top 5 tips:
1. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options
2. Best for: date night, weekend brunch, dinner with the family
3. Supplied by a number of local growers and food producers
4. Outdoor seating
5. Bike friendly! They have regular bike racks as well as a Nice Ride station right outside the café.